Itsme®, your digital identity

Endless lists of usernames and passwords are now over ! Thanks to the free app Itsme, you can connect yourself trough your smartphone, keep control over you data, say good bye to the card readers and enjoy the electronic signature.

Connect yourself to your online counter through Itsme®

Log yourself safely into your online My Partenamut counter right now thanks to Itsme. With this new entirely free app, you get access to a lot of advantages :
  • You only need one app and one code to log in everywhere securely.
  • You can share your information’s with whom you want and keep control on all your data.
  • You do not need a card reader anymore for all your digital transactions. Introduce your five digit code… and it’s done.
  • No need for a handwritten signature: everything happens online with a digital signature.
  • You have the possibility to use your Itsme account for other transactions in different institutions: banks, public services…

Discover Itsme®

Download Itsme®

For starters, download the Itsme app on Google Play Store or on Apple Store.

What do you need to log in?

To connect yourself to Itsme you need, your Bankcard or your eID and its PIN code, a card reader, and a smartphone with the app Itsme®.

Vous ne savez pas comment utiliser l’app ?

Create an account Itsme and follow the instructions.