Strategy Realization Officer

Votre mission

The SRO role supports PartenaMut Senior Management in the realization of their strategic ambitions through programs and projects.

The SRO role is responsible for guiding the process of program/project selection, execution and monitoring in compliance with the strategy of the organization. It has a key role in matching:

  • Portfolio Demand (Necessary capabilities to reach the PartenaMut ambitions)
  • With the Portfolio Constraints (Capacity, Architectural dependencies, Change absorption, ...)

The SRO Role will report to the Deputy CEO and Director of Transformation and have a direct connection with the entire Board of Director (Comex). It will have a specifically close collaboration with : 

  • the Finance Department (Budget cycle, Benefit & Cost tracking,...) 
  • the Change & Organization Department (Center of Excellence for Project Management, Link with organizational change,...)
  • the IT Corporate PMO (focusing on IT-driven Programs & Projects)

Vos responsabilités

Strategic portfolio management 

  • Strategic alignment
    • Assure that selected projects and programs are aligned with the organizational strategy
  • Benefit Mapping / Capability Mapping
    • Assure uniform identification of capabilities and initiatives via benefit mapping
    • Assure that the link between any Portfolio component and concrete benefits is clear.
  • Portfolio governance
    • Assure and monitor the right meetings on project, program and portfolio level take place (e.g.: project SteerCos)
    • Monitor the correct use of defined escalation paths 
  • Portfolio selection & prioritization
    • Assure portfolio entry criteria (elements that must be met prior to an idea being submitted)
    • Assess portfolio scope against selection criteria (e.g. strategy alignment, financial,…)
    • Provide decision support for identification, selection, and prioritization of projects and programs 
    • Maintain an overview of program roadmaps
  • Capacity planning
    • Centralize the (strategic) human resources demand within the portfolio
    • Support company wide capacity planning exercises (match LT Demand with existing supply)
  • Financial Management & Benefit Realization 
    • Monitor and report on current and estimate future portfolio spending
    • Set up a benefit realization management process 
  • Classification of projects
    • Facilitate the classification of projects to assure the correct use of project methodology and reporting 

Operational Portfolio management

  • Dependencies management  
    • Track & follow-up dependencies across projects and programs in the portfolio
    • Control escalation of issues to higher authority
  • Program Initiation + Project start & closure  
    • Trigger projects based on the portfolio plan
    • Support project closure process
  • Executive dashboard 
    • Develop & maintain a portfolio management dashboard
    • Provide a single source of truth for reporting to different audiences
    • Collect and challenge reporting data
    • Consolidate projects and programs status reports
    • Set-up and track portfolio office performance metrics

Vos atouts


  • You hold a Master Degree and benefit from a a theoretical background/certifications in both Waterfall and Agile. Portfolio & Program Management techniques are recommended but not a prerequisite 
  • You have a minimum 5 years of experience as a Program, Portfolio or Corporate PMO Manager
  • You show a Minimum 10 years of work experience in a Project Environment
  • You can demonstrate a relevant experience in agile environments is recommended (SAFE, Less, Spotify, ...). PPM Tooling experience is recommended
  • French and English are a must. 


  • You have strong leadership skills (The organization will still need to grow in the Portfolio Management area)
  • You have outstanding communication skills which allow you to communicate and manage effectively stakeholders at Executive Level 
  • You are known for your presentation skills and your organizational sensitivity
  • You are a natural problem solver and show strong negotiation skills
  • Change orientation is one of your strength
  • As a leader you show respect and are able to create good will

Notre offre

  • You will get the opportunity to work at Executive Level in a socially engaged non-profit organization that aims for innovation, experimentation and a strong eye on quality.
  • As a new employee you will have a welcome day, a 6 months onboarding process and a personal training plan. 
  • We are offering you a work environment where work/life balance matters, an attractive flexible package with extra-legal advantages that you can adapt to your needs.

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